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The FRLS Podcast is designed to encourage women to become FEARLESS in their faith, to bring encouragement throughout the week and by sharing others stories to remind you that you're not alone. The FRLS Podcast is hosted by Ashley Bodi and Leslie Pair.

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Sweatpants not Skinny Jeans: Jodi King

Sometimes God wants us to know that a "sweatpants" kinda life is okay. But we continue to force ourselves into the "skinny jeans." Matthew 11:28 -- "Come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened (skinny jeans) and I will give you rest (sweatpants).

Sabbath Rest, the Wilderness and Sweet Tea: Jada Edwards

Jada talks about discipleship, her new book The Captive mind, wondering through the wilderness and sweet tea!

The Enemy's Tactics

In this episode we talk about how the enemy uses his tactics where the slightest crack of doubt, fear, frustration or angst can give him access to our lives.

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